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Exciting Fitness Challenges for Weight Management

CROSSFIT 30513 of Blue Ridge, Georgia partners with Advocare to offers different types of fitness challenges for losing weight, toning, and becoming lean. All challenges are not only easy to comply with, but they show results. You'll feel the difference in 24 minutes, see the difference in 24 hours, and know the difference in 24 days. Imagine a better you in just 24 short days! 

Accomplish Your Goals

The 24-Day Challenge™ is an exciting and fun way to jump-start your physical fitness goals. Contact us today for further details about what to expect for any of the challenges and to know exactly what products to order.

Men Working Out - Weight Management

24-Day Challenges:

Trim Challenge
• Do you need to lose weight, or lean out and tone up?
• Are you looking to balance out your nutrition and improve your health?
• Would you like to be in better control of your eating, energy, and wellness?
• Are you looking for a great place to start (a launching pad) for your goals?

Active Challenge
• Do you struggle with "energy slumps" throughout the day?
• Do you need more energy to get through your day?
• Are you looking for a more nutritious alternative to coffee, soda, or other
  energy drinks?


Wellness Challenge
• Are you interested in overall wellness?
• Do you not eat as well as you should and want to fill in nutrition gaps?
• Are you looking for superior nutrition and better health?
• Are you looking for a great maintenance program after completing the
  Trim Challenge?

Performance Elite
• Do you want to decrease soreness after working out?
• Do you need better muscle repair and recovery?
• Would you like to gain muscle mass?


Contact us in Blue Ridge, Georgia to sign up for our challenging strength and conditioning fitness programs.